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Greener Cleaning.
Stabilization ModuleLotus Pro Aqueous Zone

Features & Benefits

Save Money 1) Save Money.
LotusPRO has a payback of typically 6 - 18 months. Save money on chemical costs and prep time. Payback of 6 months or less when filling 8 mop buckets or 2 auto scrubbers per day.
No chemical cleaning products 2) Powerful.
LotusPRO replaces the need for your general cleaning chemicals. LotusPRO uses the strength of ozone to break down dirt and grime. 3000 times faster and 50% stronger than chlorine bleach.
Canadian Green Building Council 3) BOMA + LEED Point Applicable
When in combination with your cleaning protocol the LotusPRO system is applicable for both BOMA and LEED points.
Clock 4) Easy to Use.
LotusPRO creates a 100% chemical free cleaner on the spot on demand. One solution replaces all general cleaning products. No time is wasted diluting cleaning chemicals and no WHMIS training required.

How It Works

Ozone (O3) – is a powerful sanitizer that occurs naturally when sunlight or lightning adds an extra oxygen atom to some of the O2 molecules in the air. Some of this ozone is then infused into rain drops, resulting in aqueous ozone. This process is safely miniaturized in each LotusPRO unit to give you a chemical-free cleaner that’s 3000 times faster and 50% stronger than chlorine bleach. Just like popular oxy-chemical cleaners, aqueous ozone’s power comes from the extra atom that oxidizes germs and dirt. Unlike chemical cleaners, LotusPRO’s aqueous ozone reverts back into water and oxygen after its job is done. No toxins, no fumes, no residues.

Inside the lotus unit, oxygen from the air is safely turned into ozone then infused into ordinary tap water.   The ozone is attracted to germs,
stains and contaminants.
  Harmless to people but deadly to germs, stains and contaminants, the ozone quickly attacks and eliminates them.   The ozone turns back into oxygen. Only pure oxygen and water remain after cleaning and sanitizing.

Partial Client List

Hospitality and Lodging
  • MGM Grand, MI
  • Caesars Hotel & Casino, ON
  • Excalibur, NV

Health Care

  • Summerlin Hospital, NV
  • Windsor Regional Hospital, ON
  • Chartwell Seniors Housing, ON
  • Good Life Fitness, ON
  • The Athletic Club, ON
  Government and Public Areas
  • AATC(Atlanta Airport), GA
  • City Of Lewiston, NY
  • State of Ohio, OH
  • City of Salt Lake City
  • City of Satellite Beach, FL
  • Anaheim Convention Center, CA
  • The City of Windsor, ON
  • Petco Park, CA
  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Atlas Tube, ON
  • The Narmco Group, ON
  • Chrysler, MI
  • Windsor Mercedes Benz , ON


  • University of Michigan, MI
  • University of California, CA
  • Northern Maine CC, ME

Media & Awards

Time Magazine Time Magazine
2006 Best Inventions
Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation
2008 Premiers Catalyst Award for Innovation
Named “the Big Idea” by Donny Deutsch


For more information on Lotus Pro products, visit www.tersano.com.

If you would like a demonstration of Green Cleaning, call 604.360.7892 or if you have any questions simply e mail us at greenclean@thinkgreener.ca.

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